Blackjack Unlimited

Blackjack Unlimited is a unique gaming website which allows player to play blackjack online for free and win cash prizes. GranSoft took full responsibility for project management efforts, creation of all graphical elements and development of Flash-based game engine. PHP frontend and backend functionalities developed by GranSoft provide sophisticated reporting and marketing abilities.

Traffic analysis and reporting system

Traffic analysis and reporting system for affilate management. The system lets customer fully manipulate his traffic and make data mining over his revenues.
The robastic system which stores and manipulates the huge amounts of data was developed. DB fine tuning and special data minimg algorithms was part of the project scope.Interface was build based on EXTJS components.
Technologies: PHP,MySQL,JavaScript

Remote server administration.

Various requests for installation and configuration of remote Linux servers.

English studies portal

Development of interactive gaming solution for 4-6 year old children which have Hebrew as their first language and want to start study the basics of English. The web based solution allows small children start study English in a most prayerful and light manner while their parents can monitor and impress from their kids progress.

GranSoft team developed portal with huge number of Flash games which was cover all important subjects for basic language studies like colors, food, cloves etc. Game objects and persons were produced by experienced painters. Each game provides server side statistics about child progress in each particular game during his or her play.

Technologies: Flash, PHP, MySQL


Gambling Player Assistant Solution

Application was developed for experienced poker players to help them in taking effective decision for choosing suitable poker room, poker table and also for most effective game activities.

The back-end of the application consists of the server farm harvesting gaming information from several sources for several milions poker player profiles. Historical and online statistics analysis was made using robastic data mining and statistical algorithms.

Service supports major poker rooms like PartyPoker, PokerStars,FullTilt and Prima Poker Network.

Thin client was made for fast update retrieval and nice and intuitive presentation of actual information.

Gransoft was responsible for entire development of the system.

Technologies: C++, MSSQL, C#, PHP.

Sports Betting System

The Client’s key product is sports betting management system allows gathering information from other various media sources, bet management and user database management. The system was required supporting multiple data sources, near-real-time transaction validation, rich and user-friendly user interface, high performance and viability. The system supports several Internet betting portals based on SAAS concept.

Gransoft distributed project team with local Project Manager and Offshore development and QA is in charge for main development and support activities of the product.

From the beginning of the project we took responsibility for:

Reengineering of existing code

QA & System stabilization

Requirements definition

Development of new features

Internal and external documentation

Production support

Technologies: Linux Server (Required: CentOS), PHP, MySQL, Apache


Mockitoo is custom game engine which let the users create custom flash games using
their own graphics or predefined pictures.
Android version:


Tipulitonline is a personal broadcast video channel
of therapeutic yoga with interactive abilitys like internal
mailing and chat systems.System integrated with third party
video platform for secure display of payed content and
Tixwise billing system. Backend let adminstator easyly
manage any of site content.


Technologies:Joomla, Zend, PHP, AJAX, JQuery,MySQL.